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Highline Public Schools, Kent Public Schools June 2017


Slides:  June 20

CR Planner 2017 REV

Connecting Representations Slides:  CR_Revised

Connecting Representations Tasks to Plan:


Alg 2Polynomials and Roots

Gr 7 Reading Rates

Gr 8 TransformationsGrade Six

HS Transformations

Stats Task



Evergreen Public Schools, May/June 2017

Tuesday Full Day Session


MassMATE 2017 Bridgewater State University


Connecting Representations

Contemplate then Calculate


Tacoma, WA District PD

CthenC Observation Turrets Form

CthenC Turrets Powerpoints

CthenC Circles Powerpoints

Symmetry Circles Powerpoints

Slides from Friday at Lincoln

Slides from Friday at Giaudrone

Getting Started with CthenC Tasks

CthenC Meta-Reflection (counting) handout

Three Avenues Graphic and Chart

Slides from Thursday at Stewart

Why Structural Thinking?


NCTM 2017 San Antonio

Session 39, Meeting the Needs of ALL Students through Instructional Routines

Session 183, Connecting Representations: A routine for reasoning for ALL students

NCSM 2017 San Antonio

Routines for Reasoning: Ensuring All Students Are Mathematical Thinkers

Using Routine Rehearsals to Transform Teaching Practice


If you attended any of the sessions below, please email us for copies of materials.

Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Massachusetts, March 2017

3 Reads

Contemplate then Calculate


Teachers Development Group, March 2017

Coaching So It Sticks Copy of slides

Critique and Construct FINAL Copy of slides

Rehearsal_Session_TDG17 Copy of Slides

PostOne Draft of Instructional Routine

Decide and Defend Updated slides (now called Decide and Defend) to use in classroom


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